Santo Antonio

Santo Antonio

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An outstanding speciality coffee.

Heavy chocolate fudge, boozy sweetness & a lingering aftertaste.

Pedro Gabarra is the 5th generation of coffee growers in his family, accumulating valuable knowledge transmitted from his father, Joao Newton Teixeira, and his grandfather.

Located in Southern Minas Gerais, in a micro-region known as "Campos das Vertentes", Santo Antonio farm was inherited in 1994, and Pinhal farm was acquired in 1997. At that time, it had only 100 coffee trees as dairying cattle was the main activity.

Santo Antonio & Pinhal are run by the farmers, who take care of all stages during the crop. It is not uncommon to find Pedro picking up the cherries during the harvesting time. Each farm maintains more than 40% of the total area for reforestation / legal reserve, showing the respect they have for the environment and the cultural history of their land.