Copy of Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold.

Copy of Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold.

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This coffee is the premium select grading from the region - often referred to as the single-malt equivalent of the whisky world.

With a wonderful orange citrus flavour combined with a dark, strong caramel, toffee and chocolate.

A full-bodied and intense coffee that lingers.

Excellent with milk and as for all Indian coffees, they have a wonderful acidity that matches milk perfectly.

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is the highest grade of Indian wet-processed Arabica coffee, coffee in India started with an Indian saint Baba Budan, while on a pilgrimage to Mecca smuggled seven coffee beans from Yemen to Mysore in India. He planted them on the Chandragiri Hills, now named after the saint as Bababudangiri (Giri meaning hill).